Thirdpath Creative
Nature is beautiful. It has an implausible order to it, filled with patterns, parallels, grace and splendor. Nature is terrifying. It lacks order. It is chaotic, unpredictable, and cruel.  Adam Gordon's work embodies this paradox. His work demonstrates the order of nature, symmetrical and graceful. And the work demonstrates what happens when order breaks down, when patterns become corrupted and the beautiful intricacies of natural systems no longer function.

Adam was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer in December 2008 and at that time, those beautiful systems of body, family and society began to break down. c. an illustrated journey is a personal story in pictures of a man's confrontation with systems and expectations and the tragedy and beauty of their disruption. The little c in the title stands for cancer. Its diminutive stature is both ironic and hopeful, as Adam refuses to give what is usually referred to as "the big C" any authority.

Every image, despite the painterly impression of some, was crafted on a computer. And most were drawn with the tip of a finger on an iPhone or iPad. The small, mobile devices, allowed him to constantly express himself.   The result is art whose intimacy and honesty is crafted from the place of technology in the artist's life. These images, of self and other, hope and fear, are products of a portable, technological canvas that allowed momentary inspiration or prolonged isolation to find form. On their own, each of the images tells its own story: from the clean and symmetrical splendor of the bird illustrations to the stark planes of "falls" and "alone" to the spectacular melodrama of "thor vs. death" and "out." Nature is beautiful and terrifying. Each image reflects that paradox. Beauty. Sadness. Nostalgia. Fear. Control. Wonder. This is the journey Adam takes us on.